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Door Closers

Pneumatic Door Closers

S. Parker 62000 Series pneumatic door closers come in three finishes, and are for outward swinging doors. They provide a full 90 degree opening, with a valve to easily adjust closing speed. The closers are permanently lubricated and come in a clamshell visual pack, with necessary hardware. Economy and Standard grades are available.


Item Number Description
62000 Aluminum (Mill) Clamshell Pack
62001 Black Clamshell Pack
62002 White Clamshell Pack


Item Number Description
Aluminum (Mill) Clamshell Pack
62101 Black Clamshell Pack
62102 White Clamshell Pack

Shock Absorbing Pneumatic Door Closers

S. Parker's shock absorbing pneumatic door closers are for outward swing doors, and have a full 90 degrees of opening. Closing speed is easily adjustable using one screw, and three colors, and two grades are available to suit different strength and durability needs. The closers are permanently lubricated, too.

"Storm Guard"

Item Number Description
62200 Aluminum (Mill) Clamshell Pack
62201 Black Clamshell Pack
62202 White Clamshell Pack

Extra Heavy

Item Number Description
Aluminum (Mill) Boxed
62301 Black Boxed

Standard Hydraulic
Door Closer

S. Parker hydraulic door closers for storm and screen use have rustproof aluminum tubes, and an action that is not affected by temperature. The closers are for outward swinging doors, and give a 90 degree opening.
They're permanently lubricated, and the closing speed is adjustable, and may also be regulated for summer or winter use.

Item Number Description
62400 Aluminum (Mill) Clamshell Pack
62401 Black Clamshell Pack
62402 White Clamshell Pack
Aluminum (Mill) Boxed