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Contractor Quality® Window and Door Locks

Window Pin

The S. Parker window pin is an unobtrusive method of holding a window in any position, and may also be used to keep sliding doors at particular points of partial opening.

Item Number Description
250 Nickel Plated 1 in a Poly Bag

Sliding Window Locks

Available in keyless lever units. These durable, solid die cast metal locks can be mounted on the top or bottom window tracks. No screws, installs in seconds.

Item Number Description
05316 Aluminum Finish Carded
05317 Antique Brass Finish Carded

Thumb Screw Slider

The thumb screw slider slips on and the thumb screw turns it down tight to prevent movement of doors and windows. Available in aluminum, the 254 is bulk packed, and the 25400 comes 2 to a card.

Item Number Description
254 Aluminum Bulk Pack
25400 Aluminum 2 on a Card

Patio Door Lock

Sliding patio doors are secured with a lever operation. The patio door lock prevents prying lifting and sliding. Installation is simple, with a hole drilled through the stile of the mobile door into the stile of the immobile door. The lock is then placed, with a rod reaching through the mobile door into the stationary unit. Turn the key, and no movement is possible. The aluminum finished 05313 comes carded.

Item Number Description
05313 Aluminum Finish Keyed Carded
20830 Aluminum Finish Keyless Poly Bag