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Sash Fastener

Sash fasteners using a cam action to lock under a plate are time proven sash security devices. S. Parker's sash fasteners come in several versions and finishes. All come with screws.

Type Item Number Description

Die Cast



252 BP Brass Plated Poly Bag
252 AB Antique Brass Poly Bag
74300 Brass Plated Carded

Wrought Steel
71301 1 1/2" Long Shackle Keyed Alike Boxed
71300 1 3/4" Keyed Alike Boxed

Cam Action Sash Fastener

S. Parker's cam action sash fasteners have an easy action, are of wrought steel, and come complete with all screws for installation. The BIN72300 is available in brass plate, and comes 100 each to a bin pack.

Item Number Description
BIN 72300 Brass Plated 100 per Bin with UPC
72300 Brass Plated Carded

Hinged Window Lock

The S. Parker hinged window lock swings open and prevents movement of either the upper or lower sash, depending on the lock's location. The 75300 is brass plated and carded.

Item Number Description
75300 Brass Plated Carded

Ventilating Window Lock

The 77300 ventilating window lock works on all double hung windows, locking the window open to allow ventilation. Complete with screws, there are 2 brass plated locks on each card.

Item Number Description
77300 Brass Plated 2 on a Card

Window Lock

Wedges window in locked position. Removable from inside.

Item Number Description
260 Brass Plated Carded

Window Bolt

Window bolts immobilize windows at specific points selected by the user, either open all the way, at various heights, or closed. Carded, 79200, two on a card these S. Parker window bolts are zinc plated for durability. Model 78200 comes with a safety button, one item to a card. Both packages come complete with screws.

Without Safety Button
Item Number Description
79200 Zinc Plated 2 on a Card
  With Safety Button
78200 Zinc Plated with Safety Button 1 on a Card

Sliding Window Lock

The sliding window lock works with wood sash windows, and locks in two positions, either fully or partly closed. In a clamshell visual pack, 05312 is nickel plated and comes one to a card.

Item Number Description
05312 Nickel Plated Carded

Bar Sash Lift

The sash lift is of die cast alloy, is 33/4" wide for easy gripping, and is brass plated. Surfaces are smooth to further ease use, and screws are included. The BIN73300 is a bin pack of brass plated sash lifts, while the 73300P comes in brass plated finish, poly bagged.

Item Number Description
BIN 73300 Brass Plated 100 per Bin with UPC
BIN 73310 Oil Rubbed Bronze 100 per Bin with UPC
BIN 73315 Satin Nickel 100 per Bin with UPC