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Contractor Quality® Door Guards

Solid Brass Chain Door Fasteners

The solid brass model 29300 and 29301 chain door fasteners are carded, while the 1598 PBBX is polished solid brass, with a 2 hole chain plate and is boxed. The 1598 PBBX4 is polished solid brass, with a 4 hole chain plate and is also boxed. Model 1598 PCH is a solid brass chain door guard, finished in polished chrome, packed complete with screws.

Item Number Description
1598 PBBX Polished Brass Poly Bag
1598 PBBX4 Polished Brass 4-Hole Chain Plate Boxed
1598 PCH Polished Chrome Boxed
1598 DCH Dull Chrome Poly Bag

Steel Chain Door Fastener

The S. Parker steel chain door fasteners are available in brass or chrome finishes, in poly bags, as well as carded.

Item Number Description
1600 BX Brass Plated Poly Bag
26300 Brass Plated Carded

1600 PCH Chrome Plated Poly Bag
26302 Polished Chrome Carde

Swing Door Guard

The Swing Door Guard keeps a swinging door to a 4" opening when engaged. It is of die cast material, and installs easily.

Item Number Description
B1597 DCH Dull Chrome Plated Poly Bag
1597 PB Polished Brass Carded
1597 DCH Dull Chrome Plated Carded
B1597 PB Polished Brass Plated Poly Bag