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Door Chain Alarm

S. Parker door chain alarms furnish two kinds of protection: the chain slows or stops intruder entry while the ear piercing battery powered alarm - for security even with power problems - alerts occupants and frightens the intruder off. Models come with a keyed lock and chain (53330). Door-chain alarms have welded steel chain links, ivory plastic cases, and require only two pen-lite (AA) batteries (not included), and sound a loud alarm. The loud alarm fright ens the intruder away.

Item Number Description
53330 Key-Lock and Chain
The 53300 may also be used on windows. The key-locked chain provides greater protec tion from forced entry, and serves to protect the home while the occupants are out. The door may be opened slightly to unlock the chain lock in such instances. The alarms are carded, with all parts and screws (batteries not included), plus instruc tions for easy installation. No drilling is needed.