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Screen Door Accessories

Spring Chain Door Stop

Spring chain door stops absorb shock to prevent damage to doors that are blown open or otherwise forced back too far against their hinges. The S. Parker model has a hold-up spring that keeps the main chain from damaging the door surface. The 65000 is carded and zinc plated, and the B65000 is poly bagged and zinc plated, and the B65001 is poly bagged and black.

Item Number Description
65000 Zinc Plated Carded
B65000 Zinc Plated Polybag
B65001 Black Polybag

Double Spring and Chain

Double chain and spring absorb shock to avoid damage to storm doors that are blown open or forced back too far against hinges. Our hold up spring prevents chain from damaging door.

Item Number Description
22200 Zinc Plated Carded

Hinge Pin Door Spring

The 21200 Hinge Pin Door Spring serves to keep screen doors from standing open and is easily installed.
The 5 1/2" wide spring is carded.

Item Number Description
21200 5 1/2"

Adjustable Door Spring

S.Parker’s 65100 adjustable door spring gives screen or storm doors a positive closing action, and is fully adjustable to work with a range of door widths. The sturdy steel construction of the spring is protected with aluminum paint finish.

Item Number Description
65100P Zinc Plated Poly Bag

Screen Door Catch

The 23200 Screen Door Catch is zinc plated, sturdy, easily installed and is carded.

Item Number Description
23200 Zinc Plated

Screen Door Pull

The 24200 zinc plated and 24300 brass plated Screen Door Pulls are rapidly installed, sized to fit the hand, and come complete with screws and are carded.

Item Number Description
24200 Zinc Plated

Screen Door Hinge for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Preset spring tension automatically closes lightweight doors.

Item Number Description
24220 Brass Plated Carded
24320 Zinc Plated Carded

Screen Door Kit

Kit consists of: one pair of Spring Hinges, one 47/8” door pull, one 2” hook & eye, 14-9 x 3/4” flat head screws.

Item Number Description
62310 Zinc Plated Carded

Panel Replacement Clips

Item Number Description
65620 Zinc Plated Poly bag with header with UPC

American Eagle

Item Number Description
6580BLK 4” x 15” Black Hammered Plastic Poly Bag with Screws