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Catches and Latches

Magnetic Catch

S. Parker's BIN 54280 magnetic catch is packed with screws, has aluminum finish, and 12 to 15 pounds of gripping power. It works well with single cabinet doors of moderate weight. The catch comes in a bin pack of 100 or 1 per card.

The S. Parker 61P has a tan plastic case, and 12 to 15 pounds of holding power. It is packed in a poly bag, or as 54500 1 per carded.

Type Item Number Description
Metal BIN 54280 Aluminum 100 per Bin with UPC

Plastic 61 P Tan Poly Bag with UPC
54500 Tan Carded

Heavy Duty Magnetic Catch

Using 3 self-aligning magnets, the S. Parker 62 Heavy Duty magnetic catch has 35 pounds of holding power. Brass plated, and available in a bin pack of 50 (BIN 54303).

Item Number Description
62 Brass Plated Poly Bag
BIN 54303 Brass Plated 50 per Bin with UPC

Double Roller

S. Parker's 2001 double roller catch provides excellent holding power for cabinet doors, and is packed with screws. The zinc plated catch is available in a poly bag, or, as 55202, carded, one to a card.

Item Number Description
2001 Zinc Plated Poly Bag
55202 Zinc Plated Carded

Single Roller Catch

The 2000 single roller catch works well with light doors, and is packed with screws. It is zinc plated and comes in a poly bag, or, as 55201, carded.

Item Number Description
2000 Zinc Plated Poly Bag
55201 Zinc Plated 2 on a Card

Touch Latch

S. Parker's Touch latch is excellent for moderate to light weight cabinet doors. It is zinc plated, and packed with screws, in a poly bag, or, as

Item Number Description
266 Zinc Plated Poly Bag
56200 Zinc Plated Carded

Adjustable Ball Catch

The S. Parker 65 adjustable ball catch has a 1" x 2 1/4" face plate, a 1 3/8" x 2 1/4" strike, and a 7/8" x 1 1/4" bore. It is of cast alloy, easily installed with a single drill bit, and comes in polished brass.

Item Number Description
65 BP Polished Brass

Cupboard Turn

S. Parker's 57300 brass plated cupboard turn is a classic. The knob turns in either direction to open the cupboard and closes automatically. The cupboard turn is carded and complete with screws.

Item Number Description
57300 Brass Plated