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Contractor Quality® Door Pulls

Wrought Steel Door Pulls

S. Parker wrought steel door pulls come in two sizes and three finishes to fit almost all door pull needs. Wrought steel pulls are exceptionally sturdy and durable.

Door Pulls
Item Number Description
21636 5 3/4" Brass Plated Carded
21636P 5 3/4" Brass Plated Poly Bag with UPC
21737 6 1/2" Brass Plated Carded
21737P 6 1/2" Brass Plated Poly Bag with UPC

21616 5 3/4" Black Carded
21616P 5 3/4" Poly Bag
21717 6 1/2" Black Carded

21626 5 3/4" Zinc Plated Carded
21727 6 1/2" Zinc Plated Carded

Door Pulls

S. Parker's P531 series of door pulls comes designed for wood screws. The P532 series is designed for machine screws. Overall, the pulls are 7 1/8", with the pull handle 5 7/8" center-to-center in size, and a projection of 2 1/8". The bases are 2" in diameter.

For Wood Surfaces
Item Number Description
P531 AL Aluminum
P531 SPB Sprayed Brass
For Metal Surfaces
Item Number Description
P532 AL Aluminum
P532 PB Polished Brass

Door Pull with Bolts

Bolt-on door pulls offer greater strength in some installations. The S. Parker P533 series has holes 5" center-to-center, is 5 3/4" long overall with a 2" projection, and comes in three finishes.

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Item Number Description
P533 AL Aluminum
P533 PB Polished Brass
P533 SS Stainless Steel