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Barrel Bolts

S. Parker's extra heavy barrel bolts are padlockable for greatest security. Notches lock the bolt securely in open or closed position. Suitable for barn, garage and shed doors, the bolts come with universal and surface mount strikes, and may be installed with carriage bolts for even greater security.

S. Parker's standard weight barrel bolts are suitable for windows, average and light weight doors, and cabinets. A body notch secures the thrown bolt for greater security, and construction is all steel. Complete with screws and surface strike.

S. Parker's extra heavy barrel bolts are made of brass plated steel. Positive locking is created with notches on the body of the barrel, and the bolts provide excellent security for screens, doors and windows

Barrel Bolt

Item Number Description
2625 5" Zinc Plated Steel PolyBag
44205 5" Zinc Plated Steel Carded

2628 8" Zinc Plated Steel PolyBag
44208 8" Zinc Plated Steel Carded

Standard Weight
Barrel Bolt

Item Number Description
41302 2" Brass Plated Carde
41325 2 1/2" Brass Plated Carded
41303P 3" Brass Plated Poly Bag with UPC
41304 4" Brass Plated Carded
41306P 6" Brass Plated Poly Bag with UPC

41202 2" Zinc Plated Carded
41225 2 1/2" Zinc Plated Carded
41203 3" Zinc Plated Carde
41204 4" Zinc Plated Carded
41206 6" Zinc Plated Carded

Extra Heavy Barrel Bolts

Item Number Description
42303 3" Brass Plated Steel Carded
42304 4" Brass Plated Steel Carded
42305 5" Brass Plated Steel Carded

Solid Brass Barrel Bolt

This S. Parker solid brass barrel bolt series is type FF-H-11B-1011, and comes with matching screws and surface strike. These barrel bolts have a large, shaped knob for easy operation, are quickly and easily installed, and are very durable and smooth operating. This series gives excellent security with average to heavy doors, windows and screens.

Item Number Description
2522H PB 2 1/2" Polished Brass
2523 PB 3" Polished Brass

2522 PCH 2" Polished Chrome
2522H PCH 2 1/2" Polished Chrome
2525 PCH 5" Polished Chrome
2526 PCH 6" Polished Chrome

Surface Bolts

The S. Parker 232 series of surface bolts are of extruded brass or aluminum, and are packed with screws. Screws are invisible once bolt is mounted for greater security, and the light 2" size is available in polished brass. The 3" & 4" size comes in satin aluminum, polished brass and polished chrome finishes. The 6" size comes in polished brass and polished chrome while the large 8" size comes in aluminum and polished brass finish.

Item Number Description
232 AL8 8" Aluminum

232 PB2 2" Polished Finish on Solid Brass
232 PB4 4" Polished Finish on Solid Brass
232 PB6 6" Polished Finish on Solid Brass

232 PCH3 3" Polished Chrome Finish on Solid Brass
232 PCH4 4" Polished Chrome Finish on Solid Brass
232 PCH6 6" Polished Chrome Finish on Solid Brass

05382 2" Polished Brass Carded
05383 3" Polished Brass Carded
05384 4" Polished Brass Carded
05386 6" Polished Brass Carded

8" Heavy Duty Surface Bolts

Used for swinging or sliding doors, including steel fire doors. All solid steel construction. The throw on either bolt is a minimum of 1". Choose from concealed or exposed screw styles. Easy to install, complete with mounting hardware. Available boxed.

8" Concealed Screw UL Surface Bolt
The mounting screws are totally concealed for extra security. It is jimmy resistant. A mortise strike is included for the top of a jam or reverse beveled door.

8" UL Surface Mounted Bolt with Exposed Screws
The mounting screws are exposed. A strong tension spring holds bolt in place. The spring design lets the bolts slide easily to the locked or unlocked position.

Fire Rated For Up To 3 Hours

2095 2096
Type Item Number Description
Heavy Duty UL Surface Bolts 2095 ZP 8" Zinc Plated with Concealed Screws
2095 DCH 8" Dull Chrome Plated with Concealed Screws
2096 ZP 8" Zinc Plated with Exposed Screws

Black Square Bolt

Black square bolts are very useful for gates, barns and other outbuilding doors. They come carded in 4", 5", 6" and 8" sizes.

Item Number Description
43104 4" Carded
43105 5" Carded
43106 6" Carded
43108 8" Carded

Chain Bolt

A popular supplement to a regular door lock for added security. Hardened steel 24" chain. Carded.

Item Number Description
2089 6" Black Zinc Plated

Gate Latch

S. Parker's ball end lever gate latch comes in zinc plate (25200) and is quick opening with the lift up, ball end lever. The ball end gives a comfortable grip on this carded, solid steel latch that comes complete with screws.

Item Number Description
25200 Zinc Plated