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Twin Padlock Clamshell Packs

Combination Padlocks

Twin packs of 20940 die cast combination locks offer the same combination for the 1 7/8" padlocks. Twin packs of the 24566 chrome plated 1 7/8" combination locks have a single combination. Ideal for gym locks, coat lockers and school lockers where sharing a combination reduces memory demands.

Item Number Description
20940 Two (2) Chrome Plated Die Cast Body Keyed Alike
24566 Two (2) Stainless Steel Keyed Alike

Laminated Padlocks

Laminated twin pack 29LW150 locks are 1 1/2" with a single locking shackle, warded lock, and allow the locking of two places using the same key, like back gates, tool sheds, gym lockers and coat lockers. The laminated locks come with 4 keys

Item Number Description
29LW 150 Two (2) Laminated Steel 1 1/2" Warded Keyed Alike

Solid Brass Pin Tumbler Padlocks

Twin pack, pin tumbler locks have weather resistant solid brass bodies, in 1 1/2". Ideal for tool sheds and back gates or similar applications where having a single key work both locks is an advantage. The padlocks come with 4 keys.

Item Number Description
29NB 150 Two (2) Solid Brass 1 1/2" Single Locking Keyed Alike