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UL Listed Grade 2 Contractor Quality® Heavy Duty Entry Locks

S. Parker UL listed entry locks have three hour fire rated latches, and otherwise have all the features of the heavy duty B9160 series.

Additionally, they meet ANSI-A156-2, Series 4000, Grade 2 specifications. The keyway is SC-1 #1145, or Arrow keyway K. The tumbler is six pin keyed to five pins, and the exit from the inside is panic-resistant. The cylindrical lock housing is cold rolled steel that has been line dichromated for corrosion resistance. All come with 2 3/4" backset, and 2 3/8" backset models are available on request.

The keyed locks have a deadlatch.

The locks accept AWI or Lori plugs, and the keyed alike numbering system let the buyer repeat the same key order for late orders.

Packaging is color coded to ease stock-keeping, and all parts, screws and installation instruction are included in the package.

Specifications include latch plates that are 1 1/8" x 2 1/4" in size, 3" diameter threaded, two spin-on roses, and a 4 7/8" x 1 1/4" ANSI strike included in the package. The latch has a 1/2" solid brass throw, and is 3/4" in diameter. The locks fit doors from 1 3/8" to 1 3/4" thick. These locks come in polished brass or stainless steel, and are complete with clear installation instructions.


S. Parker UL listed locks
have 3 hour fire rated
latches & 2 spin-on roses.
All with 4 7/8" ANSI Strike.

Function Item # Description
Entry Lock

ULB9160 A03K4

Polished Brass SC-1 Keyway Keyed Alike in 4
ULB9160 A32KD Stainless Steel SC-1 Keyway Keyed Different
ULB9160 A32K4 Stainless Steel SC-1 KeywayKeyed Alike in 4
ULB9160 A32KU Stainless Steel SC-1 Keyway Key #U
ULB9160 A32KW Stainless Steel SC-1 Keyway Key #W
ULB9160 A32KX Stainless Steel SC-1 Keyway Key #X
ULB9160 A32KY Stainless Steel SC-1 Keyway Key #Y
ULB9160 A32KZ Stainless Steel SC-1 Keyway Key #Z
ULB9160 A32MK Stainless Steel SC-1 Keyway Master Keyed

Function Item # Description
Storeroom Lock

ULB9160 D32

Stainless Steel SC-1 Keyway Keyed Different
ULB9160 D32KU Stainless Steel SC-1 Keyway Key #U

Function Item # Description
Classroom Lock
ULB9160R32 Stainless Steel SC-1 Keyway

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