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Solid Brass Dummy Rim Cylinder

For situations and areas where use of a dummy can fill a hole where a rim cylinder was removed, or for pretense of a rim cylinder to help avoid security problems, the S. Parker dummy rim cylinder presents an excellent choice. The cylinder comes in solid brass, with a brass (1308) or dull chrome (1308DCH) finish.

    Backplate           Rim Cylinder

Item Number Description
1308 Brass
1308 DCH Dull Chrome

Cylinder Spring Collar

The solid brass 1310C spring collar is available in dull chrome finish and is useful to replace damaged spring collars and to fill gaps.

Item Number Description
1310C DCH Dull Chrome

Cylinder Adapter Rings

Cylinder adapter rings are available in four finishes. Item #1310R is for #1310 Series mortise cylinders; item 1313R is for the #1313 Series mortise cylinders.

Item Number Description
1310R AL Aluminum
1310R DUR Duranodic
1313RAL Aluminum
1313RDCH Dull Chrome
1313RDUR Duranodic
1313RPB Polished Brass
1310QAL Aluminum

Door Hole Cover Plate

Door hole cover plates cover holes to 2 1/8" diameter in doors up to 1 3/4" thick. The 1307 PC cover plate comes in prime coat so it can be painted to match the door finish.

Item Number Description
1307 PC Prime Coat