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Replacement Door Knobs

Door Knobs

S. Parker's line of replacement door knobs satisfy most needs, with a solid brass round model, a solid brass tulip model, and a glass knob, as well as a brass plated knob. Knobs come complete with hardened steel spindles, and are available in clamshell packages.

Type Item Number Description
Solid Brass Round 05360 Polished Solid Brass 2 1/4" Knob Clamshell Pack

Type Item Number Description
Brass Plated Round 22330 Polished Brass 2 1/4" Knob Clamshell Pack

Type Item Number Description
Solid Brass Tulip 05362 Polished Solid Brass 2" Knob Clamshell Pack

Type Item Number Description
Crystal Cut Glass 05363 2" Knob Clamshell Pack

Door Knockers and Viewers

Colonial Door Knocker

S. Parker's Colonial 21830 door knocker is beautifully finished solid brass, 3" wide and 6 1/4" high. The Colonial design suits many contemporary styles as well. It has a top bar that may be engraved. The knocker is clamshell packed with all necessary hardware.

Item Number Description
21830 Solid Brass Clamshell Pack

Door Viewer & Knocker

The S. Parker door viewer and knocker combines two necessary features, with a 180 degree angle viewer and a 5 1/2" x 2 1/2" door knocker in a Colonial/ contemporary pattern for a very economical dual unit. Model 818 AB is antique brass plated, and 818 PB is polished brass plated. Both are carded.

Item Number Description
818 AB Antique Brass Plated Carded
818 PB Polished Brass Plated Carded

Door Knocker/Viewer with Nameplate

The door knocker/viewer with nameplate offers a 160 degree viewer, with a nameplate placed below the knocker. Overall size is 4 3/4" high by 2" wide.

Item Number Description
05332 Antique Brass Plated with Viewer Carded

160 and 190° Door Viewers

These door viewers provide an extra wide angle for view and added security. They fit doors from 1 1/4" to 2" thick. All are made of solid brass with quality optical lenses. All viewers come in carded package.

Item Number Description
05334 Polished Solid Brass 190 Degree View Angle Carded
05333 Polished Solid Brass 160 Degree View Angle Carded
05334 PCH Polished Chrome 190 Degree View Angle Carded
05335 Satin Nickel 160 Degree View Angle Carded

Door Guards

Steel Chain Door Fastener

The S. Parker steel chain door fasteners are available in brass or chrome finishes, in poly bags, as well as carded.

Item Number Description
1600 BX Brass Plated Poly Bag
26300 Brass Plated Carded

1600 PCH Chrome Plated Poly Bag
26302 Polished Chrome Carded

Keyed Chain Door Lock

S. Parker's keyed chain door lock is polished brass plated. The 21030 is carded.

Item Number Description
21030 Brass Plated Carded

Swing Door Guard

The Swing Door Guard keeps a swinging door to a 4" opening when engaged. It is of die cast material, and installs easily. The 1597 PB is polished brass plated and the 1597 DCH is dull chrome plated.

Item Number Description
B1597 DCH Dull Chrome Plated Poly Bag
1597 PB Polished Brass Carded
1597 DCH Dull Chrome Plated Carded

Sliding Door Locks


Item Number Description
05371 Polished Chrome Keyed Different Carded

Drawer Lock


Item Number Description
58370 Brass Plated 7/8" diameter Keyed Different

Cam Lock

S. Parker's cam locks work well in many applications, including cabinet doors.

Type Item Number Description
Fits 1/2" Depth 22830 Nickel Plate Keyed Different Carded

Window Locks

Sash Fastener

Sash fasteners using a cam action to lock under a plate are time proven sash security devices. S. Parker's sash fasteners come in several versions and finishes. The series is of wrought steel, and is type FF-H-11B-F1136. All come with screws.

Die Cast


Item Number Description
252 BP Brass Plated Poly Bag
252 AB Antique Brass Poly Bag
74300 Brass Plated Carded

Wrought Steel
71301 Antique Brass Carded
71300 Brass Plated Carded
71300P Brass Plated Poly Bag with UPC

Cam Action Sash Fastener

S. Parker's cam action sash fasteners have an easy action, are of wrought steel, and come complete with all screws for installation. The BIN72300 is available in brass plate, and comes 100 each to a bin pack.

Item Number Description
BIN 72300 Brass Plated 100 per Bin
72300 Brass Plated Carded

Keyed Sash Lock

The S. Parker keyed sash lock has a cam action. The key locks prevents forced opening, and the 71130 brass plated sash lock is carded, one to a card. Keyed different and key retaining in the open position.

Item Number Description
71130 Brass Plated Carded

Hinged Window Lock

The S. Parker hinged window lock swings open and prevents movement of either the upper or lower sash, depending on the lock's location. The 75300 is brass plated and carded.

Item Number Description
75300 Brass Plated Carded

Wedge Window Lock

The wedge window lock screws onto the upper sash and is used to lock window partially open for ventilation, and closed enough to prevent easy entry. Complete with screws, the brass plated 76300 comes 2 to a card.

Item Number Description
76300 Brass Plated 2 on a Card

Ventilating Window Lock

The 77300 ventilating window lock works on all double hung windows, locking the window open to allow ventilation. Complete with screws, there are 2 brass plated locks on each card.

Item Number Description
77300 Brass Plated 2 on a Card

Window Lock

Wedges window in locked position. Removable from inside.

Item Number Description
260 Brass Plated Carded

Sash Lift

The sash lift is of die cast metal, is 3 3/4" wide for easy gripping, and is available in 3 finishes. Screws are included.

Item Number Description
BIN 73300 Brass Plated 100 per Bin
BIN 73310 Oil Rubbed Bronze 100 per Bin
BIN 73315 Satin Nickel 100 per Bin

Window Bolt

Window bolts immobilize windows at specific points selected by the user, either open all the way, at various heights, or closed. Carded, 79200, two on a card these S. Parker window bolts are zinc plated for durability. Model 78200 comes with a safety button, one item to a card.

Without Safety Button
Item Number Description
79200 Zinc Plated 2 on a Card
With Safety Button
78200 Zinc Plated with Safety Button 1 on a Card

Sliding Window Lock

The sliding window lock works with wood sash windows, and locks in two positions, either fully or partly closed. In a clamshell visual pack, 05312 is nickel plated and comes one to a card.

Item Number Description
05312 Nickel Plated 1 on a Card

Window Pin

The S. Parker window pin is an unobtrusive method of holding a window in any position, and may
also be used to keep sliding doors at particular points of partial opening. Plated in zinc.

Item Number Description
250 Nickel Plated 1 in a Poly Bag

Sliding Window Locks

Available in keyless lever units. This durable, solid die cast metal lock can be mounted on the top or bottom window tracks. No screws, installs in seconds.

Item Number Description
05316 Aluminum Finish Carded
05317 Antique Brass Finish Carded

Thumb Screw Slider

The thumb screw slider slips on and the thumb screw turns it down tight to prevent movement of doors and windows.

Item Number Description
25400 Aluminum Bulk 2 on a Card

Keyed Patio Door Locks

Now sliding patio doors can easily be secured with these heavy duty locks. They prevent prying and each lock comes with tamper resistant screws which are almost impossible to remove with a screwdriver. For maximum security you can't beat these value priced locks.

Heavy Duty
Item Number Description
05314 Aluminum Finish Keyed Carded

Patio Door Lock

Sliding patio doors are secured with a lever operation. The patio door lock prevents prying lifting and sliding. Installation is simple, with a hole drilled through the stile of the mobile door into the stile of the immobile door. The lock is then placed, with a rod reaching through the mobile door into the stationary unit. Turn the key, and no movement is possible.

Item Number Description
05313 Aluminum Finish Keyed Carded
20830 Aluminum Finish Keyless Poly Bag
05314 Aluminum Finish Keyed Carded

Patio Door Bar Guard

Secures sliding patio doors. Swings. 90 degrees for in use and folds out of the way when not in use. Prevents walking through doors. 5/8" extruded aluminum tubing that can be easily cut to size. Easy to install, complete with screws and mounting hardware.

Item Number Description
20828 Aluminum Finish