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Grade 2 Contractor Quality® Heavy Duty Cylindrical Leversets

SL7160 Series with Two Step Rose is Ideal for Retrofitting

UL listed, ADA approved Grade 2 barrier-free leversets are ready for all ADA and other needs in passage, privacy, storeroom, classroom and dummy functions, in addition to entry models. The customer may provide the lock cylinder and key. Leversets meet ANSI A156.2 Series 4000 Grade standards and more than fulfill ADA requirements. The ANSI Series 4000 standard exceeds 400,000 operating cycles.

S. Parker leverset features and functions include:

Two step rose
Cold rolled steel housing
Reversible, non-handed
Fits doors from 1 3/8" to 2" thick
2 3/4" backset UL listed latch bolt. Standard for all functions
1 1/4" x 4 7/8" ANSI strike. Standard for all leversets, all functions.
6 pin solid brass SC-1 keyway, ILCO #1145, keyed to 5 pins
Wide choice of finishes (US 26D, 26, 3, 10B)
Special keying available (Master and Grand Master)
Each lever works independently of the other
Dead locking latch on all keyed leversets
2 nickel silver keys
Separate lever spring mechanisms help prevent sag
1/2" throw solid brass latch-bolt, UL listed, three hour fire rated
Full 5" long handles on all levers in all functions
Screws are concealed for the greatest security and appearance
Accepts Lori 1539/1590; ILCO 7035; DOM 1x5HT Medeco 20-200A1 or ASSA cylinder plugs
Convertible Posts
3 3/8" Diameter Roses

Special keying available (Master & Grand Master)

2 3/8" BS available upon request

Grade 2 Leverset with Two Step Rose

S. Parker Leversets meet all Grade 2
requirements, and are available in
boxed or clamshell package.

Grade 2 Contractor Quality® Heavy Duty Cylindrical Leversets 
Function Item # Description
Entry Lock
SL7160AO3K2 Polished Brass Keyed Alike in 2
SL7160AO3KD Polished Brass Keyed Different
SL7160AO3KU Polished Brass Key #U
SL7160A03MKD Polished Brass Master Keyed
SL7160A10BKD Oil Rubbed Bronze Keyed Different
SL7160A10BKU Oil Rubbed Bronze Key #U
SL7160A26DK2 Dull Chrome Keyed Alike in 2
SL7160A26DKD Dull Chrome Keyed Different
SL7160A26DKU Dull Chrome Key #U
SL7160A26DKW Dull Chrome Key #W
SL7160A26DKX Dull Chrome Key #X
SL7160A26DKY Dull Chrome Key #Y
SL7160A26DKZ Dull Chrome Key #Z
SL7160A26DMKD Dull Chrome Master Keyed
SL7160A26DKDE Dull Chrome Keyed Different 2 3/8" B.S.
SL7160A26KD Polished Chrome Keyed Different
SL7160A26KU Polished Chrome Key #U

Function Item # Description
Passage Set
SL7160NO3 Polished Brass
SL7160N10B Oil Bronze
SL716ON26 Polished Chrome
SL7160N26D Dull Chrome
SL7160N26DE Dull Chrome 2 3/8" B.S.

Function Item # Description
Privacy Lock
SL7160P03 Polished Brass
SL7160P1OB Oil Bronze
SL7160P26 Polished Chrome
SL7160P26D Dull Chrome
SL7160P26DE Dull Chrome 2 3/8" B.S.

Function Item # Description
Storeroom Lock
SL7160D03 Polished Brass
SL7160D10B Oil Rubbed Bronze
SL7160D26 Polished Chrome
SL7160D26D Dull Chrome
SL7160D26DKU Dull Chrome Key #U

Function Item # Description
Classroom Lock
SL7160R03 Polished Brass
SL7160R10B Oil Rubbed Bronze
SL7160R26 Polished Chrome
SL7160R26D Dull Chrome
SL7160R26DKU Dull Chrome Key #U

Function Item # Description
Dummy Levers
SL7160Y03 Bright Brass
SL7160Y10B Oil Rubbed Bronze
SL7160Y26 Polished Chrome
SL7160Y26D Dull Chrome