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Grade 1 Extra Heavy Duty Contractor Quality® Leversets - Series 8161

Introducing Our Supreme Grade 1 Extra Heavy Duty Contractor Quality® Leversets (series 8161)

• Engineered and manufactured for the heaviest barrier-free use
• Meets or exceeds Federal ADA requirements
• UL latch bolt standard for every function, with 1/2" throw
• Large 3 1/2" diameter roses for new
or replacement installations on doors
up to 2 1/8" thickness
• 4 7/8" ANSI strike is standard with
each lock
• UL listed, 3-hour fire rated 2 3/4" backset commercial latch
• Extra heavy cylindrical construction for long-wearing durable use
• Extra heavy duty mounting plates are resistant to attack
• 6 pin tumbler, SC-1 Keyway,
• Mounting studs prevent chassis rotation from heavy torque to the outside lever
• Accepts Lori, DOM, or Medeco convert-a-lock cylinders
• Outside cylinder is easily removed for simple cylinder rekeying
• Dead locking latch on all keyed leversets
• Special keying available (Master and Grand Master)

Underwriters’ Laboratories Listed S.Parker Grade 1 extra heavy ball knob sets and barrier-free leversets have been listed by Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc. for use on fire doors having a rating up to and including 3 hours. When applied to hollow-metal, metal-clad (Kalamein), composite (with steel and other coverings) and sheet-metal type fire doors. It is advisable to check local code authorities, the “Building Materials Directory” published by UL, and the door manufacturer for specific requirements.
Grade 1 Ball Knob - 2 3/4" Diameter Roses

Keyed functions with clutch feature
Accepts Popular Convert-a-Cylinder Locks.

Grade 1 Leverset with Single Step Roses
Function Item # Description
Entry Lock
Polished Brass
C8161A10BKD Oil Rubbed Bronze
C8161A26DKD Dull Chrome
C8161A26DIC Dull Chrome Accepts Interchangeable Core

Classroom Lock
8161R03 Polished Brass
C8161R10B Oil Rubbed Bronze
C8161R26D Dull Chrome
C8161R26DIC Dull Chrome Accepts Interchangeable Core

Storeroom Lock
Polished Brass
8161D10BKD Oil Rubbed Bronze
C8161D26D Dull Chrome
C8161D26DIC Dull Chrome Accepts Interchangeable Core

Privacy Lock
Polished Brass
8161P1OB Oil Rubbed Bronze
8161P26D Dull Chrome

Passage Set
Polished Brass
8161N10B Oil Rubbed Bronze
8161N26D Dull Chrome

S. Parker UL listed locks have 3 hour fire rated latches & 2 spin-on roses.
Grade 1 Ball Knobs
Function Item # Description
Entry Lock
B8161A32DKD Stainless Steel

Passage Set
B8161N32D Stainless Steel