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Contractor Quality® Universal Replacement Hinge Kit

The S. Parker UR5 Universal Replacement Hinge Kit is for aluminum storefront doors, and strengthens and bolsters sagging doors. The kit is designed to handle doors to 300 pounds, and are easily and quickly installed: installation takes about 20 minutes, and the kit is guaranteed for five years.

The kit works on doors with a 1/8" offset or flush doors, using included shim plates for the flush door installation.

The door is then easily raised, or lowered, using an Allen wrench.

The hinges feature roller bearings for smooth operation, and are manufactured of heavy duty material that is anodized to prevent corrosion.

Once the hinge is installed, the pins cannot be removed.

There are two 5" x 3 1/4" x 1/4" thick hinges in each kit, along with two 1/8" thick shim plates, 12 one-way screws, four cover plates and the required Allen wrench.

Instructions are also included.

Each Kit Contains:
2 - Hinges
2 - 1/8" Thick Shim Plates
12 - One-Way Screws
4 - Cover Plates
1 - Allen Wrench
Instruction Sheet


Universal Replacement Hinge Kit
Type Item # Description
Hinge Kit
Aluminum Finish
UR5DUR Duranodic Finish