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Contractor Quality® 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" Plain Bearing Full Mortise Template Hinges

S. Parker 1279 series template butt hinges are manufactured to very close tolerances to fit cutout and screw hole locations in hollow metal doors and metal frames made to conform to a similar template. Hinges meet applicable ANSI (American National Standards Institute) dimension standards..

Full mortise template hinges fit tightly and cleanly in wood or hollow metal doors with pressed metal or wood jambs. Hinges are loose pin, unless otherwise stated, and are fully swaged for smooth operation, and long life. Hinges are .134" (more than 1/8") thick for great strength.

For standard doors, with normal opening frequency, these plain bearing steel hinges are durable and quickly installed.

4 1/2" x 4 1/2" Plain Bearing Hinges
S. Parker 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" hinges are available in Prime Coat Gray, and Prime Coat Aluminum, Bonderized (baked-on) finishes as undercoats for paint. To complement other door finishes, plated hinges are available, starting with US4 dull brass plating, and US3 polished brass, a high sheen brass plating. Chrome plating is over nickel, in dull or polished finishes. Duranodic is available. Stainless steel hinges are for seashore, and similar highly corrosive environments.

Hinges are packed with all machine screws and half wood screws.
Type FF-H-116A.
Thickness .134".
Plain Bearing Steel
Loose Pin
1279 PC4H Prime Coat Gray Finish
1279 AL4H Prime Coat Aluminum Finish
1279 BP4H Dull Brass Plated
1279 DCH4H Dull Chrome Plated
1279 DUR4H Duranodic
1279 PBP4H Polished Brass Plated
1279 PCH4H Polished Chrome Plated
127910 B4H Oil Rubbed Bronze
1279 BZ4H Bronze Finish

Plain Bearing Steel
Fixed Pin
1279 PC4HN Prime Coat Gray Finish
1279 AL4HN Prime Coat Aluminum Finish
1279 BP4HN Dull Brass Plated
1279 DCH4HN Dull Chrome Plated
1279 DUR4HN Duranodic

Plain Bearing Stainless Steel
Loose Pin
2279 4H Stainless Steel

Plain Bearing Stainless Steel
Fixed Pin
2279 4HN Stainless Steel