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Contractor Quality® Half Surface Hinges

Half surface template hinges mount on the surface of the door, and are mortised into the jamb. They work well in applications where the door has a normal hinge bearing surface—the edge—that won’t hold screws well. These S. Parker half-mortise template hinges fit applicable, matching template-guided recesses in the jamb, and have industry standard offset. The 1138 model fits the newer standard offset for 4 1/2" hinges.

Most sizes are available in either brass plated or prime coated finishes to suit most job finishing needs. The hinges are available in plain and ball bearing models.


With standard
industry offset

Half Surface Hinges
Size of Opening 4.5" x 4.5" 5" x 5"
Thickness of Metal .134" .134"
No. of Screw Holes per Hinge 8 8
Machine Screw Size .5 x 12-24 .5 x 12-24
Wood Screw Size 1¼ x 12 --
No. of Pairs in Case 18 18
No. of Machine Screws 12 16
No. of Thru Bolts 9 9
Type Item # Description
Ball Bearing
Loose Pin
B1138 PC4H 4 1/2" Prime Coat
B1138 BP4H 4 1/2" Brass Plated

Ball Bearing
Fixed Pin
B1138 PC4HN 4 1/2" Prime Coat
B1138 PC5N 5" Prime Coat

Plain Bearing
Loose Pin
1138 PC4H 4 1/2" Prime Coat
1138 BP4H 4 1/2" Brass Plated

Plain Bearing
Fixed Pin
1138 PC4HN 4 1/2" Prime Coat