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Equalizer™ Gear Hinge

Brings Old Doors
Back To Life

High-performance, heavy-duty integrated door hinges that help dissipate kick-back and impact shock while maintaining smooth, effortless door swing. Unlike conventional hinges, the EQUALIZER hinge spreads stress along the full length of the door and frame. Made of heavy-gauge aluminum alloy in two finishes, with solid support blocks of self-lubricating DELRIN EQUALIZER is perfect for retrofit construction – even door frames so battered they can't support regular hinges. Makes old doors hang like new. Much cheaper than replacing an entire metal door. The EQUALIZER system is tamperproof and weather-resistant and is available for doors up to nine feet high.

Fire Ratings
Listed hinges were tested under ASTM 152, UL10B for up to 90 min.

For Doors Rated To:
20 Minutes:

• Steel doors in fully grouted steel frames in masonry.
• Wood doors & steel frames in drywall or masonry.

45 Minutes:
• Steel doors in fully grouted steel frames in masonry.
• Wood doors in fully grouted steel trames in masonry.

90 Minutes:
• Steel doors in fully grouted steel frames in masonry.

Minimum 16 gauge steel for 90-minute rating
• Maximum opening for single door - 4'0" x 8'0"
• Maximum opening for pair for doors - 8'0" x 8'0"
• All hinges are supplied with standard straight drilling template screw holes,
available on request.
• Hinges are non-handed.
• Custom lengths available on request.
• Ideal replacement hinge.
• Replaces pivots and seized-up butt hinges.
• Compact, low profile continuous hinge.
• Available in aluminum or dark anodized Duranodic finishes.

Equalizer™ Gear Hinge
Type Item # Description
Equalizer™ Gear Hinge FS910AL 7 ft.Aluminum Full Mortise Hinge
FS910DUR 7 ft.Duranodic Full Mortise Hinge
FS920AL 7 ft.Aluminum Half Surface Hinge
FS920DUR 7 ft.Duranodic Half Surface Hinge
FS930AL 7 ft.Aluminum Full Surface Hinge
FS930DUR 7 ft.Duranodic Full Surface Hinge
FS940AL 8 ft.Aluminum Full Surface Hinge
FS940DUR 8 ft.Duranodic Full Surface Hinge
FS910A/96 8 ft.Aluminum Full Mortise Hinge
FS910D/96 8 ft.Duranodic Full Mortise Hinge
FS930ALDB 7 ft.Aluminum Full Surface Double Bearing