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The Best Value in Lavatory Hardware

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S.Parker's Lavatory Hardware is heavily chrome plated to resist the ravages of rust, and where indicated by conditions and usual use, stainless steel is used. The use of chrome plating, and stainless steel, along with quality construction make for great durability.

S.Parker bumper hooks not only give a hanger for lavatory users, but keep the door from slamming into other panels. The shield shaped base takes 3 screws, and the hook is die cast zinc, and chrome plated. Clothing hooks have two prongs to greater utility, and durable die cast zinc construction. Door stops are of chrome plated die cast zinc, while curtain hangers have nylon rollers, and fit rectangular tubing.

The S.Parker lavatory latches are chrome plated, and are available in durable die cast zinc and in quality cast brass, and each comes with its own strike.

Die cast zinc pulls are chrome plated, die cast zinc, while S.Parker's floor shoe allows a security screw to be placed to prevent lifting out of pilasters.

S.Parker's inswing strikes and keepers are for made installation on square and rounded molding pilasters, and are finished in polished chrome plate. A number of different models fit different configurations and materials. Outswing strikes are also available.

S.Parker's ear partition bracket series fastens partitions in a number of different manners, allowing use in various situations where fastening might otherwise be a problem. The partition brackets are supplemented by other brackets that make almost any attachment a simple matter.

S.Parker's hinge assemblies include models with and without springs to suit particular needs. Concealed bolts, and door knobs for use with bolts for use with bolts complete the wide S.Parker line of quality lavatory hardware.