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Contractor Quality® Latches, Pull and Shoe

Throw Latch

S. Parker’s 737 throw latch is cast brass, and chrome plated, and durably provides privacy in lavatory stalls. The latch extends 3 1/4" and the base plate is 2 1/4" high.
Item Number Description
737 Chrome Plated Cast Brass

Slide Latch

For durable economy, the 502 slide latch is made of chrome plated die cast zinc. The latch is 2" wide, as is the slide, and holes are on 2 3/4" centers for mounting..
Item Number Description
502 Chrome Plated Zinc Die Cast

Concealed Slide Latch

For use with 224 concealed latch housing. Outer diameter is 1 5/8”; inner diameter is 1 1/4”. ADA compliant.

Item Number Description
615 Chrome Plated


The S. Parker 540 die cast zinc pull is chrome plated, and has tapped holes on 4" centers.
Item Number Description
540 Chrome Plated Zinc Die Cast

Floor Shoe

S. Parker’s 304 floor shoe has inside dimensions of 1 3/4" square, and allows a security screw to be placed to prevent lifting out of pilasters. The shoe is die cast zinc, chrome plated.
Item Number Description
304 Chrome Plated Zinc Die Cast