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Contractor Quality® Partition Brackets

The S. Parker 728 U bracket fastens to the partition on both sides, and is fastened to the wall or other supporting surface through the bottom of the U. The bracket is 1 3/8" deep and polished chrome plated.

S. Parker wing brackets fasten over the top or bottom of the partition, and then have two wings spreading to be attached to the wall. Wing bracket 729 is 1.28" wide inside, and model 730 is 1.032" inside. Wing width on 729 is 6 1/4" and on 730 is 7". Both are polished chrome plated.

The S. Parker 731 head rail bracket secures the partition at one end of the partition, fastening on both sides of the partition, and on both sides on the wall or other upporting surface. The bracket is 4" wide, and the partition slot is 1 1/2" wide. It is polished chrome plated.
Type Item Number Description A B C
U-Bracket 728 Polished Chrome Plated 1.032 2.50 1.375

Type Item Number Description A B C D E
Wing Bracket 729 Polished Chrome Plated 1.28 6.0 6.25 5.0 3.25
730 Polished Chrome Plated 1.032 12.0 7.0 6.00 7.00

Type Item Number Description
Head Rail Bracket 731 Polished Chrome Plated

Type Item Number Description
Surface Latch Keeper 744 Chrome Plated