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The Best Value in Door Closers

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No longer are door closers minor conveniences, and energy savers for businesses: Barrier Free door closers are required to meet ADA requirements. S. Parker puts you up front with three models to serve, save and facilitate.

S. Parker's Barrier Free model, with opening force adjustable and closing power springing also adjustable from 1/2 to 4, meets ANSI A117.1-1986 requirements. Barrier free requirements are met with closers that ease the opening cycle, thus making it easier for disabled persons to open the door.
The S. Parker Delayed Action closer takes no less than 20 seconds to close, allowing easy passage for disabled people. Delayed action closers also make passage easier when hands are full, keeping the door from shutting on nurses carrying trays, and in similar situations. Multi-spring size power adjustment goes from 1/4 to 4, and the closer conforms to closing force code requirements in ANSI A156.4-1986.

The Combined Action unit provides all features of Barrier Free opening plus the light touch capabilities of closing, so disabled people can easily open, and readily pass through, the door. Multi-size spring power adjustment gives a range from 1/2 to 4.

Other models such as the Parker 500, 950 Series and our concealed door closers provide quality suitable for light, medium and heavy duty needs and other applications where back check is needed. There are extra heavy duty models for very wide doors. Our closers work with varying door widths up to 48" wide (exterior) and 54" wide (interior).
All S. Parker quality door closers are built to be long lasting, and operate well during their lifetime, because of the following features:
. Smooth rack and pinion action
. Non-corroding, durable housing
. Separate adjustable speed controls for latching and closing
. Needle bearings to ensure smooth operation
. All-temperature hydraulics are not affected by severe temperature swings
. Non-handed, for right or left hand door opening applications
. Delayed Action Closer and Combined Unit allow a closing speed to a maximum of 8 minutes, 50 seconds, with a minimum of 20 seconds. Closing speed is adjusted with the power adjusting nut.
. Aluminum, duranodic, white and black, finishes are available with different models in 950 series.
. Each 900 series Grade 1 closer is complete with parallel arm bracket, and full plastic cover.
. Aluminum, durandoic, gold, polished brass, antique brass, antique nickel, dull chrome and satin brass finishes are available with different models in 900 series.
. Cover kits for the 900 series closers are available in brass and polished chrome finish.