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Residential Door Closer

Residences can use the energy savings, safety and convenience of these closers, too, with the 00050 and 00051 models from S. Parker, at very sensible prices, offering similar features and convenience to closers used in commercial business applications.

The S. Parker Residential Door Closer is universal and reversible so it fits right or left handed doors. The closer comes complete, with clear instructions and all needed parts and screws.

Residential door closers provide six way benefits for the end user:

• Safety is enhanced when doors to stairwells, storerooms and closets close automatically.
• Security is helped when doors close automatically, coming to the latch position with no extra effort.
• Savings grow when expensively cooled air in summer, and heated air in winter, is kept indoors where it belongs.
• Convenience is not having to pull a door shut when your hands are full.
• Comfort means the closer prevents door slams and drafts, thus is easier on the ears with reduced noise, and lower chill.
• An extra pair of hands is offered: the residential door closer holds the door open when needed on models 00050-00051.

S. Parker residential door closers are automatic, hydraulic and adjust with just a turn of a screw. Overall body size is 6” long and 2 1/2” deep by just 2 1/4” high, with a cast body, and high impact plastic casing. Model 00050 is Ivory and model 00051 is Chocolate.

Residential Door Closer
Item # Description
00050 Ivory Clamshell Pack
00051 Chocolate Clamshell Pack
Will hold open wood or hollow metal doors up to 66 lbs.

Item # Description
00053 Chocolate Clamshell Pack
Can be used for wood or hollow metal doors up to 140 lbs.