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Hinge Accessories

Glass Door Pivot Sets
S. Parker 4003 glass door pivot sets are available in aluminum and duranodic finishes to suit most applications. Of die cast aluminum, S. Parker glass door pivot sets have full race bearings and a 1/8" vertical adjustment. Shipped complete with all screws, plugs and other hardware.
Item # Description
4003 ALR Aluminum Right Hand


Radius Corner Lever Flush Bolts
R198 lever flush bolts have rounded corners, with long locking rods. Finishes are aluminum and duranodic, in both 1/8" and 1/4" offsets, with die cast alloy faces 15/16" x 5 5/8" in size.
Item # Description
R198 ALQ Aluminum with 1/4" offset
R198 DURQ Duranodic with 1/4" offset
R198 ALE Aluminum with 1/8" offset
R198 DURE Aluminum with 1/8" offset


Mounting Plates
Mounting Plates accept the body of the dorr closer on the backet, with the closer arm fixed to the door. Complete with screws.
Item # Description
607 533AL
Aluminum for Items 532-952 and 533-953
607 533DUR Duranodic for Items 532-952 and 533-953
607 534AL Aluminum for Items 534-954 and 535-955
607 534DUR Duranodic for Items 534-954 and 535-955
607 900AL Aluminum for Items 900 DA/BF/CB
607 900DUR Duranodic for Items 900 DA/BF/CB
607 441AL Aluminum for item 441
607 441DUR Duranodic for item 441


Hinge Pin Door Closer
The hinge pin door closer replaces the hinge pin in 3 1/2" or 4" hinges and closes the door without action on the part of any person. The 48 BP is brass plated and carded.
Item # Description
48 BP Brass Plated


Parallel Arm Brackets
Parallel arm brackets for 500 and 900 Series door closers with regular arms are supplied without screws. Door closer parallel arm bracket for 500 Series with a hold-open arm is supplied without screws. Parallel arm brackets for 500 and 950 Series with regular arm, and with shoe removed are shipped with screws.
For 500 Series
Item # Description
609 AL
609 DUR Duranodic

For 500 Series with
Shoe Removed

A609 AL Aluminum
A609 DUR Duranodic

For 815 Series
602 AL Aluminum
602 DUR Duranodic

For 900 Series & 950 Series
608 AL Aluminum
608 DUR Duranodic
HO609 900 AL Aluminum with Hold-Open-Arm
HO609 900 DUR
Duranodic with Hold-Open Arm

For 500 & 950Series
with Hold-Open Arm

HO609 AL Aluminum
HO609 DUR Duranodic


Thru Bolt and Gromment Nut
Thru bolt and grommet nut assemblies are 2 1/4" x 1/4"-20 thread, and are packed with one bolt and one nut per assembly.
Item # Description
610 DUR Duranodic
610 ZP Zinc Plated


Sex Bolts
Sex bolts are 2 1/4" x 3/8" and include one screw and one sleeve per pack.
Item # Description
611 AL Aluminum
611 DUR Duranodic
612AL Aluminum with Smaller Head