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Heavy Duty Interchangeable Cores For Loss Prevention & Access Control
6 Pin & 7 Pin Interchangeable Cores
Made from solid top quality brass. Machined to exact tolerances. These cores are available in uncombinated units or we can custom design or continue an existing system for you. Please specify keyway when ordering: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L or M. S.Parker 1, 2, 3. Choice of finishes: US4 satin brass or US26D dull chrome. US26 polished chrome and US3 polished brass finishes are available on special order.

6 Pin 7 Pin
Item No. Description Item No. Description Item No. Description Item No. Description
ICA64 Brass Key A ICA626D Dull Chr Key A ICA74 Brass Key A ICA726D Dull Chr Key A
ICB64 Brass Key B ICB626D Dull Chr Key B ICB74 Brass Key B ICB726D Dull Chr Key B
ICC64 Brass Key C ICC626D Dull Chr Key C ICC74 Brass Key C ICC726D Dull Chr Key C
ICD64 Brass Key D ICD626D Dull Chr Key D ICD74 Brass Key D ICD726D Dull Chr Key D
ICE64 Brass Key E ICE626D Dull Chr Key E ICE74 Brass Key E ICE726D Dull Chr Key E
ICF64 Brass Key F ICF626D Dull Chr Key F ICF74 Brass Key F ICF726D Dull Chr Key F
ICG64 Brass Key G ICG626D Dull Chr Key G ICG74 Brass Key G ICG726D Dull Chr Key G
ICH64 Brass Key H ICH626D Dull Chr Key H ICH74 Brass Key H ICH726D Dull Chr Key H
ICI64 Brass Key I ICI626D Dull Chr Key I ICI74 Brass Key I ICI726D Dull Chr Key I
ICJ64 Brass Key J ICJ626D Dull Chr Key J ICJ74 Brass Key J ICJ726D Dull Chr Key J
ICK64 Brass Key K ICK626D Dull Chr Key K ICK74 Brass Key K ICK726D Dull Chr Key K
ICL64 Brass Key L ICL626D Dull Chr Key L ICL74 Brass Key L ICL726D Dull Chr Key L
ICM64 Brass Key M ICM626D Dull Chr Key M ICM74 Brass Key M ICM726D Dull Chr Key M
IC164 Brass Key 1 IC1626D Dull Chr Key 1 IC174 Brass Key 1 IC1726D Dull Chr Key 1
IC264 Brass Key 2 IC2626D Dull Chr Key 2 IC274 Brass Key 2 IC2726D Dull Chr Key 2
IC364 Brass Key 3 IC3626D Dull Chr Key 3 IC374 Brass Key 3 IC3726D Dull Chr Key 3
ICQ64 Brass Key Q ICQ626D Dull Chr Key Q ICQ74 Brass Key Q ICQ726D Dull Chr Key Q


Interchangeable Cylinder Core Cabinet & Drawer Locks
Convenient field reversible, no appreciable down time. Accepts 6 and 7 pin core mechanisms. 11¼4" standard barrel. Choice of finishes US26D dull chrome, US3 polished brass.

Function Item Number Description
Cabinet Lock
10000 Brass
10002 Dull Chrome

Drawer Lock 10100
10102 Dull Chrome


Interchangeable Core Capping Block
Easily caps all 6 or 7 pin interchangeable cores one chamber at a time. A must tool for your shop!
  Item Number Description
10001 Capping Block


Interchangeable Core Ejector Pin
Makes quick and easy work of “knocking out” pinned chambers. Another must tool for your shop.
  Item Number Description
10004 Ejector Pin


Housing Wrench
Ideal for testing locks prior to installing the core. Makes cylinder housing installation quick and easy. A must for every lock mechanic.
  Item Number Description


Interchangeable Core Pins, Springs, Caps
Each pin is color coded according to industry standards, .108 diameter. Machined from full nard #360 alloy brass. 500 pieces packed in a polybag. A-2 system is available in top sizes #2 thru #19 and bottom sizes #0 thru #9. Please specify size when ordering. A3 and A4 also available.



Item Number Description
See copy
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