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The Best Value in Commercial Brass

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Solid brass rails and fittings provide gleam and glitter for many settings, with limits set only by imagination. For balcony and stair rails, dance bars, bar rails and guard rails, S.Parker tubing and fittings are sturdy, beautiful and extremely durable. Because brass can't rust corrosion is a minor problem.

Fine restaurants, boats, and bars glisten with brass tubing and rail fittings.

S.Parker carries full lines of 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2" and 2" brass tubing and fittings for each size. Further latitude in design is possible with polished chrome plated and polished brass finishes.

Durable, lovely brass tubing is complemented by floor brackets to attractively mount rail tubing a few inches off the floor.

Other brackets are more ornate, or provide floor and wall support, as needed.

S.Parker's bar bracket attaches rails to vertical surfaces, while end posts bring things to a trim and collected halt. Center posts, upright brackets, arm rail brackets, and end caps help finish the job to suit the most demanding decorative needs.

All fittings are of solid brass, and come packed complete with all required matching screws.

For changes of direction, and gathering of different runs of rail tubing, ball elbows, side outlet ball elbows, cross ball outlets, ball Ts, ball cross, and other accessories make assembly of the most complex patterns very easy.

The S.Parker scroll end gives a fancy finish to horizontal tubing runs for railings, while the ball head (end) caps a vertical tube beautifully. Other elbows and floor flanges allow the whole to be collected into a sturdily mounted, glowing mass. Glass clips and channel bring to life separations using glass, while curtain rings allow use of many curtain styles for privacy.
S.Parker carries the quality commercial brass rail and fittings to do great work.